Foto hot nude Francine Prieto

Full Name: Anna Marie Falcon
Commercial Name: Francine Prieto
Date of Birth: 17 September 1982
Profession: Model, actress, singer
Nationality: Fhiliphina

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Photo and Profile Francine Prieto - beautiful and sexy woman named Anna Marie Falcon complete or currently known as Francine Prieto is a model, singer, and also at the same time is an actress who comes from Fhiliphina. Beautiful woman born in Manila, Fhiliphina, on September 17, 1982 is still quite alien to the entire community homeland, knowing its popularity as a celebrity, was not as popular as some other Asian beautiful celebrities. Although not too much is known as a celebrity, but Francine was actually already very known for her sexuality as an adult magazine model. In fact, he has often appeared in several adult magazines Asia.
Francine Prieto debut in the entertainment industry universe as an actress when she was 5 years old through a movie titled 'Life Story of Sister Fatima Kowalaska' in 1987, when he was known by the name of Anna Marie Falcon. In the film he has received much attention from the producers of the film, even though he is still classified as a child artist, he was already able to steal a lot of attention of all circles through various films in which he stars. Success in the film industry Prieto widen his career in entertainment as a model when she was 14 years old. A career in the modeling world by following various modeling event in Fhiliphina, also makes its popularity as a celebrity began to climb.
In fact, one of Asia's top models, Linda Evangelista also recognize talent in the modeling world who instantly made his popularity in Asia skyrocketed.
Feature films
Life Story of Sister Fatima Kowalska (1987)
Lauran Hindi Ang Puso (1990)
Darma (1991)
Divine Mercy sa Buhay ni Sister Faustina (1993)
Sobra Talaga Overr !! (1994)
Patikim ng Pinya (1996)
Tukso Layuan Mo Ako 2 (1996)
Thalia (1997)
Kay Imbestigasyon Lolita Macarena (1997)
Abuso (1997)
Liberated (2003)
Liberated 2 (2004)
Bikini Open (2004)
Bridal Shower (2006)
Silip (2007)
Iskul bukol (2008)
My House Husband (2011)
Television programs
That's Entertainment (1990)
Love to Love (2005)
Bubble Gang (2005-2010)
Etheria (2005-2006)
Encantadia (2006)
Magpakailanman (2006)
ESP (2008)
Codename: Asero (2008)
Gagambino (2008-2009)
Darna 2 (2009)
Show Me Da Manny (2009)
Precious Hearts Romances Present: alyna (2010)
Imortal (2010)
Wansapanataym: Cacai Kikay (2011)
Show Up: Ang Bagong Game Show ng Bayan (2012)
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